Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Strong Enough by Cardeno C.

REVIEWED By Joanne Swinney

Strong Enough (Family, #2)Strong Enough by Cardeno C.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Simply a beautiful loving read. I was enthralled with this story. I strongly recommend this book to all lovers of M/M Romance.

Spencer a mature man, works as a professor. He is such a beautiful man, very shy and unsure of people's motives, which leads to lack of trust. He's found relationships to be difficult because of something that happened in his past but the longing to have someone to love and love him back is strong.

Emilio who is twenty two years old knows what he wants and he has his sights set on Spencer. Emilio is one serious hunk of a man. The image this author created in my mind was phenomenal. I was blown away by this character, he's sweet and caring, very mature for his age and the perfect guy to build a future for him and Spencer.

Emilio finally asks Spencer on a date. LOL!! I am laughing because really Spencer had no choice, he was literally swept off his feet like a hurricane named Emilio Sanchez. It all happened so fast but at the right pace for them. Who's to say how quick we fall in love, when you feel it, you have to grab it with both hands and Emilio is not about to let Spencer get away.

Spencer has issues with the age difference but it's soon forgotten about the more time he spends with Emilio. He just doesn't want anyone to think he's taking advantage of him. It's a struggle to not have negative thoughts but he doesn't want to lose him. He's the best thing that's ever happened to Spencer.

Love conquers all. It certainly does in this story. Emilio is strong enough for both of them. Spencer has inner strength, he just doesn't realise till Emilio points it all out to him. Of course it's not easy for these two beautiful men but that's what makes this such an interesting and loving read.

God I just loved this story from start to finish. Beautiful characters, captivating story. The love making is magic. When I reached and read 'THE END', I was sad because I wanted more but found myself smiling. Only thing left to say is 'Love is love'


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