Monday, 30 November 2015

Stripped Bare by Rebecca Moon


Stripped BareStripped Bare by Rebecca Moon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sally Parker is just a shell after changing her life to please someone else. Her self esteem is non exstant. She is now 'hiding' from life. Working from home and rarely going outside it's door. I could really relate to Sally as I saw my own Mother change to try to make a man happy and she also was a living 'shell'.

She has a few really good friends Chelsea, Macy and Jason. They don't know what to do help her get her self esteem back. Through Macy she reconnects with an old school friend, Damien Johnson. He is beyond shocked in the change in Sally from high school and makes it his mission to take small steps in getting Sally to become more like her old self.

Damien focus is on Sally and doesn't mention his own hell. Which comes back to bit him and nearly destroys them both.

Though Sally shows us all how strong a person she really is and picks up the pieces and attempts to move on.

The sex is beyond sizzling. I was very happy with how the story ended but felt sad for Nick because I felt he really cared for Sally and got a little burned. I hope there is a story in the future for Nick.

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