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Until I Met You by Jaimie Roberts

REVIEWED By Joanne Swinney

Until I Met YouUntil I Met You by Jaimie Roberts
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was hooked on the prologue, although I also knew I was in for a tense ride. Straight off you are given the vibes of something bad that happened but no details, it really doesn't take a genius to work out what. My mind conjured up all sorts of scenario's.

Taking a deep breath I carried on because I was already into the story, I just had to know. Typical nosy female, maybe LOL! I think it was more the writer was just very creative and knew just how to keep the readers, i.e. ME! turning the pages.

Angelina Bradshaw a woman who has suffered greatly, now living without love, we all know sometimes love hurts. Angelina is not prepared to let this happen so basically the men in her life get used for sex, no feelings what so ever just great orgasms. Life without love, is that possible?

Angelina moves to London, new apartment, new job working as an estate agent, her boss is an old family friend, Jonathan, he's very easy on the eye. I kept wondering if something was going to happen with them. Did it? you ask, I don't have to answer that. If you have read this book you will understand the significance of that line and if you haven't read, O.M.G you are missing out.

Angelina meets a man called Seth Jacobs, now this is no ordinary man, I mean yes, he's male, hot, charming, sexy, annoying like most men BUT he's managed to affect her in ways no other man has ever done. It really makes for an interesting read, the heart is saying no way, the head is calling him names, the nether regions are screaming HELL YES!!

No matter how many times Angelina turns him down, he keeps coming back. This guy is not about to give up. Angelina decides to visit the family, guess who follows her? All the family love Seth, he really is a likable guy.

While reading this story I knew something had to happen soon but what? it was killing me not knowing, then the knowing killed me even more, then when you think all is well, frankly it's NOT. You in no way can possibly imagine what happens in this story. It shocked the hell out of me, I was almost ready to send this Author a message.

Sitting on the edge of my sofa, I carried on reading and hoping things would change in this book. I lost count the amount of times I let out a loud GASP! husband looks at me and says good book, I reply soooooo good.

I'm beyond happy that I have now read this book. I am ready for my next adventure. Thank you so much Author Jaimie Roberts for sharing your story. You are indeed a truly great writer.

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