Friday, 20 November 2015

Not Negotiable by Samantha Cole


Not Negotiable (Trident Security #3.5)Not Negotiable by Samantha Cole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

We had read about these two characters in His Angel, I actually love how Ms Cole drops little hints in her stories as to who we are going to read about next.

I'm glad she gave Parker and Shelby a story as it was a thoroughly entertaining one.

Because Parker isn't part of the elite group of the Trident security sexy six pack boys, the story wasn't as explosive or suspenseful as per the other books, as well as the fact that Shelby is a submissive and established in the lifestyle there were no elements of introducing her into the world of BDSM, however we see sparks of the more passionate kind and the story, as short as it was, gave me the same enjoyment and satisfaction after reading.

Shelby comes across as a firecracker and full of sass personality, but she is holding a secret, one that prevents her from letting herself fall for any of the single Doms in the Covenant club; in particular Master Parker. Parker comes from a rich family but where money was given to him in abundance there was a lack of love as he was growing up. His family knows he's into the lifestyle which resulted in him being outcast and treated with disdain a fact which pushed him to thrive and excel in his business as well as solidifying the fact that he loves the lifestyle and wants desperately to find a sub, not just any sub, Shelby, but she keeps rejecting his attempts at playing together where she is happy to engage in a scene with any of the other Doms.
When an opportunity arises for Parker to be close to Shelby he takes it wholeheartedly regardless of her reservations, this time the fact to stay away is Not Negotiable.


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