Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Bad Penny by Staci Hart

REVIEWED BY Monique Cashmere

Bad PennyBad Penny by Staci Hart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Yep, I'm hooked on this one. So much about it had me smiling and laughing, it was brilliant. One of my favourite bits, that there was an INXS song played at Penny's friends wedding. Love that band. Also, Penny's banter is very clever. I snorted when she said she was diddled by Diddle.

Penny is a free spirited woman that has a rule just like baseball, three strikes and your out. She doesn't want to be tied down and lives her life one day at a time. Bodi is the only guy she has wanted to break the rule for. She is A-dick-ted to him, but it is also a lot more. He just gets her and she is dicknotized. And he knows that she is like a wild pony with insecurities and uncertainties, but if he can just play it cool, he thinks he can win her over for good, and hopefully he wont be heartbroken at the end of it all.

This is a must read for all rom-com lovers and Staci Hart fans. Be warned, there is a lot of sex in the story, but that is what Penny is all about. And I feel that she goes from a girl who enjoys a good time, and there is nothing wrong with that, to a girl that now sees how much better it can be with intimacy.
I get the feeling that another of the girls at Tonic will be getting her own book, and I will be sitting here waiting to hear all about it.

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