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Omega's Choice by Lilli Carlisle

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney 

Omega's Choice (Black Ridge Wolf Pack #1)Omega's Choice by Lilli Carlisle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Paranormal at it’s best by Debut Author, Lilli Carlisle. I’ve fallen in love with a whole new pack, and I can’t wait for more in this series. This is book 1 in The Black Ridge Wolf Pack and what a brilliant beginning to what is sure to be a gripping new shifter romance series.
I downloaded a sample of this book after seeing it on social media. I have a soft spot for shifters, no matter if it’s M/F or M/M. The main characters in this story are male and female, but judging by the friends and family I can see this Author writing an M/M. Super excited for that if I am indeed right. Obviously I hit the buy now after reading the sample.
I loved the fact that the Author of this book timed everything so perfectly. I always hope that I’m not going to be kept waiting until the end for all the answers. Don’t get me wrong there was still twists to this story throughout this book, but things were progressing just beautifully. That’s all I can really say without giving out spoilers.
Aldric is the Alpha to the Black Ridge pack, and by all accounts he is an exceedingly great Alpha, loved by everyone around and his members have the greatest respect for him. Sadly he is unmated. He has suffered over the years leaving him with many scars from his battles and has given up all hope of ever being chosen by an Omega.
Yes, for once this story is a little different to any others I have read. Usually the Alpha finds a mate and has to convince him or her to become their mate for life. In this book the Alpha has to wait to be chosen by a he or she called an Omega.
Amongst the many Alpha Wolves and Omega’s was their entourage of guards, advisors, trusted members and close family on hand to help their Alpha or if they are lucky enough to be chosen the Alpha would insist on his most trusted to protect their intended mate.
Helena is not only an Omega but also a Princess. She has the most beautiful heart, so big and warm. Her need to help others shines from her every pores. Anyone who is chosen to be her Alpha is one lucky Alpha for sure.
Sometimes the mind boggles as to how someone can create such a fascinating story, but thank God for talented writers. I love nothing more than being transported into a world of fantasy made up of shifters. Strong Alpha’s is definitely my thing.
If paranormal romance is your thing then I definitely recommend this book to you. Try a sample today, you won’t be disappointed.

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