Where Good Girls Go To Die by Holly Renee


Where Good Girls Go To Die (Good Girls, #1)Where Good Girls Go To Die by Holly Renee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Where Good Girls Go to Die caught me with the title and the cover. This is my first Holly Renee book.

I loved the characters and the premise. Liv is an interesting character. I wish I knew more of what went on in the four years she went missing other that the end result. There were vague mentions of her years gone, but I am nosey and I want to know more.

Parker did what he could to move on after Liv left. He thought he had it figured out until they found her and brought her home. I was surprised that she gave in so easily.

This is told in alternating points of view and flashbacks.

The big reveal as to why Liv ran just didn't have enough umphf. Yes it was upsetting but I needed a little more something.

Overall a great read and I will check out more from this author. Like I said I loved the characters and there are definitely more stories to be told in this group of friends.

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