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Trouble by Avery Flynn


Trouble (Bad Boy Homecoming, #2)Trouble by Avery Flynn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

TROUBLE by Avery Flynn is the first for me by this author. I'm always keen on reading anything new and I enjoy a quick fun read. I'm a sucker for second chances, and I adore a good sexy time situation. ;)

Leah and Drew have BEEN there and DONE that. A girl has been in love for years with a boy who can't see what she sees. For him, it's only for a good time, and then your classic walk out, run away scenario ensues and she's destroyed and he's none the wiser. A high school reunion is a perfect way for our two mains to reunite. Add is some crazy jewel heist and you've got yourself and twisted plot.

Though I found the story entertaining, and the writing flowed well, I just feel like It fell a little short for me. The tale is a little condensed and at 85% the story is over-which was a bit disappointing. There was some chemistry with Drew and Leah and the sex was kinda hot, and I also really liked the handcuffs!

That's not to say I didn't root for Drew and Leah, I really liked how Flynn was able to make their reunion funny and awkward and just perfect. I especially liked the part when Drew wore his uniform!!

I'd totally give Flynn another go. If you're info a quick, fast, sexy read, with very little angst, but filled with yummy sexual tension-then this is for you!

3.5 I Like Trouble Stars!

Received ARC in exchange for an honest review

*Reviewed by Jess for joandisalovebooks blog*

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