Monday, 12 June 2017

Timberline by Skye McNeil

REVIEWED BY Monique Cashmere 

TimberlineTimberline by Skye McNeil
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Timberline is a pleasant contemporary romance book told in the third person POV. The story line is a good one, being the heroine needs a date for her sister's wedding and takes a new friend along to act as her new boyfriend.

Jessie works for a publishing house as an editor. The boss' want her to woo an existing top selling author to come sign with them. Circumstances beyond her control, she doesn't make the meeting and has to head off to her sister's wedding. She takes the new barista from her favourite coffee house and sets about for a week back home with her family. Asher Whitaker is happy to go along for a week away up in the mountain country, especially with this adorable woman. Things never go to plan when you want them to, which annoys Jessie as she prefers her life to be orderly. Some miscommunication between them sets them back to New York city heartbroken.

At first I found Jessie to be a bit arrogant and obnoxious but warmed to her when I got her full backstory. She was hardened by past experiences and even if her heart was telling her one thing, her brain was reminder her of previous hurts. Asher was near to perfect. He was an ex military man who won a medal saving his men in battle. He came home to be an author of romance novels, and good at it too. Who wouldn't fall for this hero? I certainly found him appealing.

*I received a copy for an honest review.
**Reviewed for JoandIsaLoveBooksBlog.

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