City Boy, Southern Girl: A Small Town Hearts Novella by H.C. Bentley


City Boy, Southern Girl: A Small Town Hearts NovellaCity Boy, Southern Girl: A Small Town Hearts Novella by H.C. Bentley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jake Ryland is a city boy that comes to a small town in Kentucky to help his friend, Marc out working in his dad's construction company when Marc's dad becomes ill.

Sarah Wright is a waitress full of attitude when it comes to dealing with Jake. They previously went on a date that had a different outcome then what they can agree on.

Sarah knows that Jake is in town temporarily and doesn't want to waste either of their time as she is looking a 'forever' guy and Jake is not it. Jake talks Sarah into giving him another chance.

Jake annd Sarah give into their attraction and their relationship becomes deeper than either one of them thought it would or that they will admit.

Jake is such a sweetheart. He learned that Sarah had never had a romantic gesture and pulls out all the stops.

Jake has an opportunity for an advancement in his career, which is what Sarah was afraid of. He now has to decide which direction his future is going to take him.

This book has such a great heartwarming small town feel to it. I loved it! It left me with that 'aaawwww' feeling.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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