Thursday, 1 June 2017

Redemption by Sloane Kennedy


Redemption (The Protectors, #8)Redemption by Sloane Kennedy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Redemption was a book full of emotion and the perfect story line from Bestselling Author Sloane Kennedy.
Fans of the series have been reading and one clicking the anticipated 8th book in The Protectors Series.
I for one, was desperate to read the story of Phoenix and Levi as we had previously read of the terrifying ordeal involving Seth's brutal attack in Salvation in which Levi played a mayor roll.
Being a protector is for life and Ronan won't stop at nothing until he can be sure that Seth is completely out of danger, so when Levi is spotted in the scene of the crimes, Ronan immediately goes into panic mode sending Phoenix to investigate and shadow Levi until they can be sure he is no danger to Seth.
Phoenix finds Levi in the most of unexpected situations and he is very quick to assess that things may bot be all as they seem on that front. The more he is in Levi's company the more he begins to get the feeling he is not dangerous, the danger lies in getting too close to the "mark", too personal.

Levi has spent his life "surviving" and fighting evil, at home, at prison, out side of it, he is basically living in Hell, he has done so many things in order to survive and atone all the bad he thinks he has done. When he meets the tall, dark and dangerous, Phoenix, he can't believe he can ever be deserving of some semblance of good in his life, and as the two spend more time together truths begin to be revealed and secrets rise to the surface.

After I finished this book and put the box of tissues aside, I started rethinking of the story.
I can't help but feel so much admiration for Sloane's incredible attention to detail and her incredible story telling. This story had so many interconnected events, so many issues to resolve, the issues from each of the leads pasts, plus her masterful way to write all the steamy scenes, making each encounter original and passionate. Another great read, another unforgettable story.

My rating 5 STARS if I could I would give a MILLION.

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