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Sex Ed by Z.B. Heller


Sex EdSex Ed by Z.B. Heller
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

SEX ED by ZB Heller was knock your socks off stellar. Extremely funny, with solid characters, no taboos and total acceptance, this story of self-love and personal growth nicely rounded out this first book for me by this author.

Jaxson was a delight. Naive in some ways and well beyond his years in others, he was by far my favourite character in this book. Growing up a nerd and being a 23 year old virgin with a gift in drawing comic strips immediately labels you in a negative context-but somehow through the awesome family Jaxon has, along with his twin sister Sophie, he's managed to just deal with, like, and accept who he is. He may not be the most extroverted person on the planet and may still have some insecurities but he deals with it through humour and oodles of it! The predicaments Jaxon has been through in his short life are tales that can be told to his grandchildren one day and they're unbelievably hilarious.

Having a boy crush on a gay-fictional character can be hard! Enter Tyler. Sexy ER nurse who's in the right place at the right time when Jaxon comes into the emergency room with an apparatus attached to know what, monster man-hood! Only Tyler can hold it together and calm poor Jaxon when his sister and best friend are constantly bickering with each other and making the situation worse. Despite Jaxon's embarrassment he automatically feels comfortable with the gorgeous nurse with the emerald green eyes.

It's a small world in the town of Chicago where these gaggle of nerds live. Of course Jaxson's best friends dad knows the hot nurse from the ER and of course he ends up at family dinner! The best part of the story was when Jaxon's mother does everything in her arsenal to hook these two up, even going to far as making butt jokes and teaching them about lube and how to take in the...ahem...for the first time. Laugh out loud FUNNY.

Complete riot. The openness, total acceptance and non-issue of having a gay son is so prevalent through out the book. Not once did I feel sorry or sad for Jaxon and Tyler. Their sexual orientation was never a debate or a problem for anyone. Just like it shouldn't be. Helen did a fantastic job of writing a love story. Period. The catch and chase was cute, the falling in love was spot on and the writing was perfect and adorable and hilarious and I want more. So much more.

I have a feeling Jeff and the hot cop towards the end may have a role in Heller's next book-at least I hope so! As a huge fan of m/m tropes, this book was a pleasant surprise for me and an absolute pleasure to read.

Received and ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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