Friday, 9 June 2017

Counting on You by J.C. Reed


Counting On YouCounting On You by J.C. Reed
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I've had mixed emotions about this book right from the beginning, but by the end, a very satisfying one at that, I realized that despite the angst, and drama and deep rooted issues that both of our mains in COUNTING ON YOU by J.C Reid and Jackie Steele have, I feel content with where the story went and how it got there.

Vicky and Kade are an unlikely duo. Meeting at Rehab for a sex addiction (his) and a love addiction (hers) is really not the best foundation for a solid relationship. Regardless of the rules, which basically all revert back to, "no fraternizing with fellow patients" they both decide to screw the rules and then screw each other!

The character development was well done. We know a lot about our two leads. Vicky is naive and emotionally stunted because of her daddy issues, while Kade is messed up over a broken heart and he has a complex knowing his biological parents ditched him when he was a baby.

Kade and Vicky's relationship worked because they were well suited for one another. Their differences and commonalities had the perfect balance, which created great chemistry and provided an entertaining read!

Totally engrossed for this one, couldn't put it down. A different spin on a familiar trope, but I enjoy a good old conquest love story!

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