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Feat Of Clay by Susan Mac Nicol

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Feat of Clay (Men of London #4)Feat of Clay by Susan Mac Nicol
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Arc review

Men of London just got even hotter. I would say you could read this as a standalone but if you are like me and like to start at the beginning knowing all the characters, start with 'Love You Senseless'.
This is Clay's story and oh boy! it's awesome. Clay has a very handsome but also very trouble partner called Tate.
The love that you feel while reading this story just warms your heart. Every relationship has it's ups and downs. Maybe some more than most but what Clay and Tate are dealing with is more than who left the toilet seat up or who's turn is it to do the dishes.
Tate is suffering with nightmares after being captured and tortured while undercover. I can not even begin to imagine how you would deal with this. It's scary enough to read about what he went through never mind have to deal with it day in and day out. Clay is Tate's rock, he is so strong and hot and sexy and Oh God! Sorry where was I?
Tate has secrets that even Clay doesn't know and he never wants him to find out believing that Clay would want nothing more to do with him. They have wanted each other since they were very young, growing up as best friends. Everyone could see how much they loved each other, no matter how much they thought it was just their secret.
Clay is very protective of Tate to the point where he starts to feel like a child. Sometimes you have to let go in order for your loved ones to grow and Clay is learning this the hard way.
He is everything that Tate needs and vice versa. They love each other so much. It's finding that middle ground so life can go on as smoothly as possible.
Tate likes to draw when he needs a distraction. Hmm well okay draw maybe not the right word. He's an artist of sorts. To me it's called Graffiti. He likes to find a blank canvas of wall and well graffiti it.
Each to their own people. It actually is art, I couldn't do it. Could you?
Let me tell you more about Clay. He has his own business called 'Mortimer Investigations'. He is former SAS, doesn't that just turn you on. Okay maybe just me then. LOL.
Clay is a powerful male, very commanding but yet gentle. He loves with everything he has. He's just the ultimate package.
Yes people I am in love with Clay and not only does he bat for the other team he's a fictional character so I have zero chance of ever hooking up with him. Another book boyfriend to add to my list. Story of my life.
This book is another fantastic read from the Men of London Series. If you love the M/M Genre with a great story then this book is definitely for you.
Susan Mac Nicol YOU ROCK!! Thank you for another fabulous read.

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