Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Living The Dream by Celia J. Anderson

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Living the DreamLiving the Dream by Celia J. Anderson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The mind boggles as to how the Author came about this story.
It certainly was living the dream for Vita. She was stuck in a relationship where she no longer wanted to be. A loveless marriage to a man named, Ronan. He was a writer working from home, at least that's what he called it. To Vita he was a drunk with no prospects. He treated her badly, always putting her down. Some days she just had no energy left to fight him. What was the point, he would always be right.
She believed he held a secret that could ruin her, so she stayed married to him and that was her future.
Vita worked as a marriage counsellor, totally ironic I know, but there you have it. She worked along side her good friend, Jack. Now he sounds like a lovely man but they are work colleague's and have never crossed that line.
Jack is due to go on a holiday of a lifetime for three weeks, desperately needing a break. He looks after his brother, Sebastian and being his full time carer takes a lot out of him, physically and mentally.
Unfortunately his brother ends up in hospital again and Jack can not leave him.
Vita is offered the holiday. All she knows is the holiday was booked with a company called Through the Keyhole and her point of contact is a man named Moriarty who is also Jack's brother best friend.
Now without giving the whole story away and adding spoilers to this review. Vita does go on holiday but the holiday is not what she thinks or what I thought for that matter. That is why I said at the start of this review 'the mind boggles'.
I did enjoy this story and was hoping for a happy ever after as Vita deserves a lifetime of happiness. I really liked her character. There was some great personalities in this story.
It was nice to read something different. This book definitely had me thinking about what was going on.
I do hope readers give this book a chance.

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