You Loved Me At My Ugliest by Evie Harper


You Loved Me At My Ugliest (You Loved Me, #3)You Loved Me At My Ugliest by Evie Harper
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I can't explain how much I have loved this series and to have had the pleasure to read and review the wonderful book.
The story of Joseph and Alexa is so amazing. Two souls meeting as children and trying to make a life together but its not easy for either of them.
Alexa is a doctor and has been held doing a job for a man that she loathes until he dies at the hand of Joseph his son so now can she rebuild her life.
Joseph has removed his father from his life but there is still more family out there just as evil.
Now he feels he needs to remove the rest of them. Can he take on his uncle and three cousins and come out of it alive... so much can happen!
Really looking forward to more from Evie Harper she is an amazing author
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