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Our Kinda Love by Deanna Eshler

REVIEWED By Monique Cashmere

Our Kinda Love (What Kinda Love #2)Our Kinda Love by Deanna Eshler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The first book is about Shyanna, her troubles and meeting Kade. In that first book, we know that Keegan and Adrian get together, but not know all the details. Therefore we go back in time to when Shyanna, Gemma and Keegan met the guys - Kade, Max and the adorable Adrian.

Keegan has a smart mouth and team that up with Adrian's quick wit and class clown antic's, you have a hilarious read. Giving Adrian pointers on his sex moves is another funny chapter, an after school special. They have that banter that just has you giggling as you read along. Keegan has abandonment issues that she finally shares with Adrian, who in turn promises to never leave her unless it is real important and he'll tell her why first. But life has a way of giving you twists and turns and curve balls to keep it interesting.

This couple are a joy to discover, she is a character that is ballsy, smart and when she finds the right guy, she can actually be gooey inside! Adrian fell hook, line and sinker from the get go, and loved all Keegan's craziness because it complimented his!

I highly recommend this book, I enjoyed it as much or more so that the first one. Keep an eye out for the chapter titles in this book, just classic and will have you giggling too.

I received a copy from the author for an honest review.
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