Monday, 20 July 2015

Broken by Cathy Jackson

REVIEWED BY Lynette Kelly 

Broken by
Cathy Jackson

4 Stars.

Evelyn is a Christian woman, just divorced from an abusive man, she has two young children to care for and decides to take control of her life by going back to and graduating college and getting a job as a nurse. She befriends a woman called Phoenix and her husband John through the church. John Westerling has brothers who are just as handsome as he is. David is right for Evelyn in every way, safe, secure and caring however hard she try's she can't love him. Evelyn falls hard for Johns youngest brother Jonny, who is wild, self entered, broken and so wrong for her. She has had one bad marriage and doesn't want another, she needs a stable man in her life to care for her children, and Jonny is not that man.

I liked that the author gave a song title to each chapter, it set the tone throughout the book. I thought that the book had good twists and turns to keep you hooked until the last page, and then the cliffhanger. I will be interested to see how this story goes in the next book.

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