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Four Play by Amalie Silver

REVIEWED BY Melinda Lazar

Four PlayFour Play by Amalie Silver
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Four Play by Amalie Silver.

I had previously read three of the books in this laugh-out-loud quartet and I'll say that they were all highly entertaining and enjoyable.

Big Balls had me shamelessly snorting from the very first page and it continued throughout! Amalie certainly has a fascinating way of drawing the reader right in to her perfectly woven web of words and I loved it in this novella! Big Balls had the perfect mix of humor and romance.

Debating Number 10 is the story of a self-confessed douchebag. This novella is about Simon who is sleeping his way through the girls in his debate team and his plan is to seduce his debate teacher after he bags number ten who he hopes will be Arleen. This was a very sweet and funny story - funny in that who, but Simon, tracks their conquests on a spreadsheet and sweet because watching the relationship between Simon and Arleen grow was really lovely. I really loved that Amalie had me in fits of laughter and serious eye-rolling amidst some feelings of genuine compassion for Simon and his lack of relationship with his parents. Great read.

Surrendering To Innocence
This is yet another deliciously hilarious novella. I won't rehash the story but I will say that the characters are definitely likable and the plot, interesting. I adore the witty dialogue that Amalie comes up with and found myself laughing out loud more than once.

Fair Play
And finally we have Fair Play. The novella I've been waiting a whole year for! In truth, I was expecting a sequel to Michael and Lauren's story, but Amalie has cleverly nixed that idea and given us a prequel instead and I'm so happy about it! In this story, we find out what really happened all those years ago when Michael and Lauren first met, where things went wrong and why. This has Amalie's signature satirical style and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I absolutely recommend this collection of stories from Amalie Silver. They're all fantastic short reads that will not disappoint.

**book gifted by author in exchange for honest review.

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