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Rain Shadow Complete Box Set by Tess Oliver

REVIEWED BY Monique Cashmere

Rain Shadow Complete Box Set (Rainshadow, #1-5)Rain Shadow Complete Box Set by Tess Oliver
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book 1:
In this book, it sets the scene of a beaten and near death man found in the desert. Angel rescues him and brings him back to the family "compound". But will he be any better off? "Reno" as they have come to call him, as he has lost his memory, has to be on guard constantly with the MC gang - most of all when he remembers who he is. Because nothing or no-one will be able to save him - not even his Angel!

Book 2:
Once Luke has his memory back, its a game of one step ahead of the others, to make sure the MC don't discover his true identity. In the meantime, the relationship between Luke and Angel heats up, a lot! Angel needs to play Doctor again for Luke and other MC members who can't seem to keep their tempers in check. Although there is one she can't save.

Book 3:
Things pick up straight from book 2. Angel has left the compound, devastated over loosing Aunt Gracie and Luke. She heads out into the world not knowing where to go or that Luke is still alive.
Luke is trying to get to Angel as well a capturing the bikers that killed Dex. All things come to those that wait and Luke gets to see these guys never leave prison again. Now onto finding his Angel and getting her safe.

Book 4:
Now at Gage's ranch, things are at a normal pace for Angel and Luke. They get to live a relatively regular life. Richo, who has gone to the ranch with them, gets a chance to heal his leg. Of course, that's not Dreygon's plans, so they need to head back home to Reno for answers and Luke is called back to work. Cash has returned which eases Luke's mind some, having an extra set of eyes with Dreygon's threats. But something has triggered off alarm bells for Luke and things are going to get even stranger now. Has he figured out Dreygon's secret?

Book 5:
After thinking that things can be normal, Luke and Angel get to take a short vacation to Lake Tahoe and do "stuff". Dreygon has other intentions. He is playing mind games with Luke and his DEA job, and has Cash beaten for being a "rat". Luke knows that Dreygon is loosing his mind and needs to step up his hunch of one of his dad's cold cases.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this series. I have basically read one book a day, as I couldn't put them down. I was lucky to have had them in this box set so I didn't have to wait for the next instalment. Tess has written a perfect balance of romance, mystery and keeping it realistic. You wont be disappointed with this series.

I received a copy from the author for an honest review.
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