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Saving Alexander by Susan Mac Nicol


Saving AlexanderSaving Alexander by Susan Mac Nicol
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This story is so compelling it will have you on the edge of seat!.Susan Mac Nicol is exceptional once again in providing the readers with a story so moving and so full of romance you will not want to put the book down.

All Alexander Montgomery has ever wanted was to have a normal relationship and perhaps a chance at true love, but with his traumatic and horrific past he all but lost any expectations that there will be someone out there that will accept him as he is. You see, Alexander experienced the worst type of abuse at the hands of a madman, someone who once claimed to love Alexander and who, with the promise of a relationship, submitted him to years of physical and mental terror, really that is the only way I can describe this experience. After many years and with a help of a therapist Alexander has learnt to live as best as he can and he has become a prominent writer, he knows he cant have a normal life and as part of his recovery process he seeks the help of an S&M club to cope with his unhealthy needs. Professionally he is ready to launch his televised adaptation of his latest book and he has selected who will play the lead in his new venture, someone who perhaps has been a bigger influence in this story that what he is ready to openly admit.

Enters Sage, an up-and-coming actor amazingly hot and full of charm and charisma, he is perfect in every way and still is a down to earth guy who loves his ranch and his animals. He is called in to interview with the Author of the new series and Sage is so excited at the prospect of being able to get the lead role in what has been his favourite book. He couldn't be more different from Alexander, the only thing missing in Sage's life is a man who can respect him, someone who will not betray him and break his heart, someone like Alexander.

When the two men meet, things don't go exactly to plan as Sage brings out the worst of Alexander but this at the same time excites him. As the two men begin a professional relationship soon lines are begging to get crossed and Sage soon is all Alexander can think of. For Sage is the same, he is determined to get into Alexander's skin and find out every single detail of the man that is plaguing his mind. Determination seems to be Sage's middle name because he wont give up until Alexander gives them a chance, will Sage be his saviour?.

There were so many elements I loved about the story, the characters are perfectly crafted and each of their stories are delivered with a perfect balance and knowledge, Susan knows her topics, her research always amazes me, and there is so much passion in her writing there were times when I had to put the book down to reel my emotions you feel the characters pain, that is not easy for a writer, to transmit so many raw emotions, and that is something I love about Susan's books, she always makes me part of the story.

For all lovers of M/M romance this book is brilliant, it has an original story line, great dialogues, characters, suspense, and plenty of steamy moments, in overall the perfect package.

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