Sunday, 26 July 2015

Stately Pleasures by Lucy Felthouse

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Stately PleasuresStately Pleasures by Lucy Felthouse
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The pleasure was all mine. This book was HOT! If you have read this book or thinking of reading it, you will think the same as me, lucky Alice. Jesus she gets the proposition of a lifetime.
Alice attends a job interview to work at a stately home belonging to Jeremy Davenport. She believes she messed up at the interview, nerves taking over but she gets the call to say the job is hers. Oh it's just the start of her happiness.
Jeremy comes across a little gruff but he's a real nice guy and hot with a wicked sexually appetite.
Alice is doing her best to impress, so when she gets a call to head to Mr Davenports office, she doesn't want to disappoint by arriving late.
Unfortunately she hears something and hovers too long outside his door, that's when she meets, Ethan the security guard, all muscle and drop dead delicious, he comes up behind her and escorts her to another office believing she is spying.
What happens next is hard to believe for her and me and I am not sure why she would have to think about it, I would be on it like a car bonnet. LOL! Alice doesn't see herself as a woman that men would be interested in, she is a curvy woman so her self doubt is never far away, always questioning the why's.
Jeremy and Ethan have certain tasks she must agree to and take part in. It's pretty much blackmail but in a good way.
This story is MEGA HOT! I mean seriously my dreams tonight are going to be off the charts.
Alice's life is on fast speed, first she lands her dream job but it's not a permanent position as she is only covering but still lots of fun to be had while she's there. Then she has the hottest sex of her life with not just one but two men, who can not get enough of her. She is moved out of her flat before she even has time to turn around. Life couldn't get any better but she's going to have to leave eventually and what will happen then is there will be no more working with the two hottest guys on the planet. No more steaming hot sex, no more being look after. Oh I have just depressed myself.
This is a must read, take a look and see what happens to Alice, it will have you squirming.
I am now off to see what else Lucy Felthouse has written because well quite frankly, I want MORE.

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