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One Step Further by Felice Stevens


One Step FurtherOne Step Further by Felice Stevens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Felice Stevens delivers a story so full of Love, the reader is captivated from the very first page!

Alex is a man that seems to have it all, good looks, a great job,plenty of friends and is comfortable with his sexuality. But what Alex is the best at, is the art of pretending. Pretending he is happy, pretending the friends he has are enough, pretending casual hookups make him happy, he is the master of disguise, because confronting the truth and accepting reality will destroy him.He has lived in such a made believe reality, Alex has lost his individuality and what really makes him happy. Being the clown and the joker amongst his friends has allow him to deject from people probing, its so much easier this way. That is until the day he meets Rafe.

Rafe is a veterinarian, and as such he is used to get all the love from the animals; they don't judge and they don't laugh when he stutters. But animals, as lovable as they are, can't truly interact and provide what Rafe really needs. All his life has been filled with only lack of affection and a constant disdain, specially from those who are closest to him. He has built a barrier to protect himself from hurt, shutting every opportunity for romance or love. Until the day he meets Alex.

Both characters form a strong friendship, and before they know it they are both fighting new feelings they can't seem to escape. Casual becomes formal very fast, but with the habit of protecting your heart from hurt, walls are hard to knock down and habits die hard. If they can both take it One Step Further the results will be rewarding and fulfilling.

I loved this book, it was such an easy read. It was romantic and heartfelt. Felice has an ability to transport you to the centre of the story and empathise with the characters. The connection between Alex and Rafe is electric but I loved their interaction and their dialogues. The central topics are well delivered, giving the reader a glimpse to a reality which is not far from real. I would love to read more from this Author, And I will definitely recommend this title to lovers of the M/M Genre.


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