Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Private North by Tess Oliver

REVIEWED BY Monique Cashmere

Private NorthPrivate North by Tess Oliver
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

August (Auggie) Stonefield is privileged, but don't let that fool you. She is just a homebody at heart. All she wants for Christmas is her family all together, cooking with her Mum and making traditions. All they want is to fly to the South of France. So she decides not to join them and takes up the offer Professor North has extended - to be his intern over the holidays.

Dalton is the Professor's eldest son, a war hero who's injured and defeated. He returns home unannounced. After an eventful night, he finds his young brother Ethan working in the study with Auggie, cataloging Ancient Egypt artifacts. They are intrigued with the work, Dalton is more interested in August, or as he has come to call her, Sugarplum.It wasn't their first meeting, as Auggie nearly ran Dalton over on her way to the Professor's. Highly embarrassed, she thought it was the last she would see of the gorgeous stranger. The last thing Auggie needs is a distraction and she is determined to get through the work for her favourite Professor but Dalton seems to have other ideas. Their relationship progresses slowly, but other events turn the household upside down!

This is not only a romance book, but there is also a mystery to the storyline. Tess has a way of drawing you in and not only falling for the hero, but sitting on the edge of your chair wanting to know what is going to happen next.

This is a quick, one sit read that will leave you satisfied. I loved the banter between these two and especially, you know the movie line...."You had me at....Sugarplum" Or for Dalton it was "You had me at .....Please don't die, Please don't die.."

I received a ebook for an honest review.
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