Mr. Perfect and The Wild One by Suzanne Marie

REVIEWED BY Lynette Kelly 

Mr Perfect and the wild one.
By Suzanne Marie

Gwendolyn is a hippie, bike riding, vegetarian, who's strong willed and living and loving life on her own terms. She is summoned to what turns out to be her mothers engagement party, this makes husband no 4.  The night is made better by Gwendolyn meeting Jason who will the best man at the wedding.

Jason is Gwen's opposite, cocky, career driven and successful.  He is fascinated by Gwen, her beauty, style, choice of lifestyle.  These two have an obvious attraction for each other, but they are so different can they have to adapt to fit in each other's lives.   

The story was fast flowing, witty and funny, couple that with a few steamy scenes and of course a HEA it was a good read.  

I would rate this book 4 stars.


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